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MtGox Bitcoin Transaction Queue

Offline Until We Receive More Updates from MtGox
Last Update: (UTC)

Key Of Reasons
NF = No Fee - Transactions with no fees can take a very long time to confirm on the bitcoin network
LT = Large Transaction Size - The number of transactions on the input/outputs over 1662 may be far too many for the applied fee meaning they will never be processed. MtGox will automatically double spend this transaction and re-issue
OS = Outpoints already spent - Some of the outpoints have already been spent meaning this transaction is invalid. MtGox will automatically double spend this transaction and re-issue
IS = Invalid Signature - Bitcoin-qt has rejected this transaction due to an invalid signature. MtGox will automatically double spend this transaction and re-issue
OK = Transaction Valid - Bitcoin-qt client says this transaction is OK.
No Info - Cannot parse any meaningful information about this transaction from the Bitcoin-qt logfiles.
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Note: This pages data refreshes every 60 minutes

I do not require any personal donations, I'm here to help customers like me and to be a small help to the success of Bitcoin.

If you do insist you want to donate, I have setup a generated a vanity bitcoin address which I will send all proceeds direct to Cancer Research UK.
My father, sadly, lost his battle against Lung Cancer a few years ago so this is a very personal cause to me and one we can all help to beat.
Many Thanks

Cancer Research UK Donations: 1CancerUkky9X6YsGdS67EoUR84vHGhm8f

You can read about the good progress they have already made here.

Thank you so much for those who have donated to this cause. Total so far is 0.54 BTC
Donation references: D0534601, D0555545, D0557872, D0557922, D0558161, D0558528 & D0576360 (Total Donated 275 GBP).

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